The Elevator Pitch: Connecting Sales and Marketing
Co-creation in business: a powerful solution!

How can co-creation in your business make a difference? How can a company create a sustainable competitive advantage over time? Often, the secret lies in the fact that it uses collaborative work better than others. Innovative companies often use collaborative... Read More

By Elke Steinwender
Wise women (midwives) and their link to maïeutics and business

  In French, we aptly call midwives wise women. My grandmother, on my mother’s side, was a midwife. In rural Quebec, far from any hospital, she assisted neighbours, friends, and relatives in giving birth to a whole new generation. In... Read More

By Elke Steinwender
In business, where do dreams lead you?

A business often starts with a dream. In my case, it was the dream to create, to build, to offer the type of support I would have liked to receive throughout my career.   I would not have survived as an... Read More

By Elke Steinwender
Pedlex receives its certification as a customer-centric organization

In January 2020, Pedlex’s executive team reflected on how to take their business to the next level – double it – and differentiate themselves from the competition. One of the ideas that Pedlex was entertaining to achieve this goal was... Read More

By Elke Steinwender
The endless possibilities of marketing for small businesses: Back to the future

Contrary to many larger organizations, marketing is often under-utilized in small and medium-sized companies. This happens for several reasons such as lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of human resources or, sometimes, fear of change. With the emergence of... Read More

By Elke Steinwender
The Brand Experience (BX)

  Ask most people “What is a brand?”, and they’ll use the left side of their brain and answer: a logo, advertising, the product or service, associated colours, tagline, website, and the list goes on. Now, ask someone to name... Read More

By Elke Steinwender
The CX Index: The well-kept secret of the customer experience (Part 3)

  If the notion of CX has been gaining more ground in a variety of businesses, the idea of quantifying the customer experience by concretely and objectively measuring it is still at its beginnings. We began this series on the... Read More

By Mostafa El Adraoui