A market analysis is an objective and practical decision-making tool.

A market analysis is a powerful diagnostic tool to understand the external factors that impact your organization, upcoming trends that will affect your company, and where your company stands in relation to its competitors and market.

The results of these analyses allow us to understand the environment in which your company evolves and to make a precise diagnosis enabling us to define a comprehensive brand experience strategy.

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What is a market analysis?

A market analysis consists of researching and analyzing data to understand better your market or a sector of activity you wish to target. Whether you operate in a B2B or B2C environment, a market analysis gives you a comprehensive vision of your business ecosystem. Moreover, this analysis will allow you to adjust future actions and improve your brand experience. A market analysis provides information to understand better your market, your competitors, and the opportunities available. A market analysis is an objective and practical decision-making tool.

Why do a market analysis

Understand your target audience

Conducting a market analysis allows you to better understand your customers. In addition, marketing concepts such as the persona and the customer journey can be validated with data that comes from a market analysis.

For example, studying keywords related to your field of expertise provides a clear vision of your target customer’s search habits. In addition, understanding the different search criteria of consumers allows you to adapt your traditional and digital strategies to position your business better and gain visibility in your target market.

Analyze your performance and your competitive positioning

Both a traditional and a digital market analysis allow you to understand your current market and position yourself in relation to your competitors. In addition, a market analysis can help you to clarify your strengths and weaknesses against your competitors.

Identify opportunities and threats

A market analysis pinpoints both your strengths and weaknesses. This report gives you a chance to prioritize the actions you need to take to improve the effectiveness of your brand and customer experience strategy. This analysis allows you to seize different opportunities, modify your approach and counter the threats you have identified. In addition, a market study can help you determine the best target market when launching a new product or service.

How Maïeutyk supports you

Whether you are looking for a basic or in-depth traditional market analysis or a digital market analysis, we work with you to take into account your overall business reality in our analyses.

Aligning your brand experience, customer experience, and employee experience often requires a market analysis.

At Maïeutyk, we make sure that our experts work with you to meet your specific needs. Basing new decisions on old or invalid data can be very costly in the long run.