Consulting Services

Interactive. Pratical. Effective.
Apply what you learned the very next day with your custom action plan.


Strategy Is your mission and vision up to date? Do your values reflect your reality? Align goals, objectives, and priorities allowing you to take advantage of market opportunities. We can help you facilitate the process.

The world has changed.  To adapt, organizations must reinvent their relationships with clients, prospects, employees, and communities.

Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes and map their current and their perfect journey. Overlay this map with current sales processes. Identify gaps in messaging or processes and turn them into opportunities.

Wonder why customers choose the competition over you? A well-defined brand DNA and value proposition allow you to clearly articulate what makes you special.

Very different from defining your target market, client profiling help you develop a physical, sociological and emotional portrait of your ideal client. What is his/her name? What challenges does he/she face? Goals, dreams and ambitions? This workshop helps you profile your ideal client.

Move out of your comfort zone and challenge your status quo. Innovation, creativity, and synergy are what happen when a group of people work together to solve a problem and overcome obstacles. Maïeutyk has developed a unique way of creating marketing strategies.

During this exercise, the leadership team takes time out to reflect and answer the following 4 questions: Where are we at? Where do we want to go? How will we get there? How will we measure progress? Having an impartial third party facilitating the exercise simplifies the process.

Is your brand ready for the omni-channel consumer? The 7 Stratum of the brand provides you with actionable steps to keep your brand agile in a rapidly changing world.

In a context where attracting and retaining skilled labor is more and more difficult, are you positioning your brand as an employer of choice? Take a marketing approach to attracting talent. Develop internal communication plans to motivate and retain talent.