Employer branding

In a context where attracting and retaining skilled labor is more and more difficult, are you positioning your brand as an employer of choice?

With the goal of breaking the silos between marketing and human resources, Maïeutyk has created an employer branding program to allow you to position yourself as an employer of choice.

Strategy • Workshops • Support

Our approach is based on the concepts of the customer’s voice (in this case the employee’s) from Lean Six Sigma. The benefits of this proven approach are:

  • It’s a team effort. We combine your business and industry expertise with our marketing expertise and structured exercises.
  • Skills transfer. Our approach helps to build a marketing approach within your organization.
  • Feasibility and go-to-market readiness. You and your team build the strategy taking into account your objectives and business realities.

Employer brand services:

  • Employer brand DNA
  • Strategy to build your employer brand and attract the talent your need to meet your objectives
  • Align messaging across all communications points
  • Bridge the gap between traditional HR tools and social media to build a list of candidates
  • Employee Engagement and Retention Strategy through internal communication plans


employer branding

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