Using customer data

Do you know how to read, understand, and take action on your on-hand digital data in order to take your marketing to the next level ?

Using customer data

If you are using digital marketing tools to grow your business, you already have a lot of data on your hands!

However, for most marketers, reviewing digital data means skimming over their Google Analytics and social media stats without really knowing how to interpret or take action on these to positively impact their marketing campaigns, sales, and overall notoriety.

Maïeutyk training workshops are practical, interactive, and hands-on. Each workshop is lead by an experienced facilitator allowing you to apply the workshop material directly to the realities of your business.

Here is what you will learn in this 4h training workshop:

  • How digital analytics can impact your business
  • If you want to measure something – the first step is to clearly define your digital goals
  • Understand the data that you already have (digital marketing analytics)
  • Turn digital data into customer behaviour insight
  • Turn insight into action


Only available in French. You’d like to take this course in English? Please fill out the contact form.


Using customer data

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