For a while now, I’ve felt a certain disconnect between the eMARK advantage name and the services that we offer. More often than not, I had to explain what we didn’t do instead of focusing my time explaining the services that we did offer!

For many prospects, the “e” of eMARK lead them to believe that we did websites or digital marketing rather than focusing exclusively on strategy, support, training, and research.

I knew that we had a positioning problem but took my time to address the problem for two simple reasons:

  1. What are we going to change it to?
  2. We were so busy supporting clients in their own marketing efforts that we did not have time to do our own (ironic isn’t it?)

I have big plans for my company and truly believe in our unique approach and the services we offer to help companies achieve their objectives.

With that in mind, in December 2017, we sat down as a team and put ourselves through our own workshops and exercises.  

I have to say, it was quite a process!

As workshop facilitators, we see the beautiful mix of emotions (excitement, anxiety, fear, wonder, happiness, and pride) that we put our clients through. As facilitators, we trust the process and know that we will get to our end result.

It’s quite another thing to be sitting at the other side of the table, to walk a mile in our customers’ shoes. We sure got a taste of our own medicine 😉 !

I’m very proud of the end result. The result is a change of name, of our tag line and of our visual identity.

We are now:

Maïeutyk – The Human Side of Marketing.

Maïeutyk, what does it mean?  

Maieutic (we write it Maïeutyk) is also known as the Socratic Method, which is the art of bringing individuals, through dialogue, questions, and discussions to uncover and formulate the truth within.

This is exactly the approach that we use during our workshops. We have developed a series of exclusive, guided exercises that solve even the most complex marketing challenges.

Why “The Human Side of Marketing”?

I’ve had this slogan in the back of my mind for years and am very happy to finally share it with you! For me, marketing is everywhere! It’s so much more than a website, a channel, or a tactic.

Marketing is about people.

When a brand is 100% aligned, a synergy is created between its clients and its employees allowing it to become a category leader and truly differentiate itself form the competition.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and we look forward to working with you to facilitate the evolution of our organization.