Mostafa El Adraoui

Facilitateur sénior

“It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it’s because we don’t dare that they are difficult.” ― Sénèque

Mostafa what are your believes about profession?

Mostafa: “Success is achieved when we work as equals, in a partnership, with clients to optimize solutions. I’m an analyst and a humanist. I work to combine my talents, experience in management and marketing, knowledge of the market and the human values that exist within the company to refocus teams’ efforts towards their own clients allowing them to differentiate themselves from competitors.

My motivation is to empower the client’s team, both management and employees, so that they can appropriate themselves of the company’s goals, transform these into tangible strategies and plans to achieve results. Their success is ours!”

Motivation that got you into this field

“As a younger man, when I registered to Université de  Sherbrooke, I was faced with an existential dilemma… I was just as attracted to the strategic aspects of marketing and management as I was to the human aspects of organizations, psycho-sociology and education!

I never dreamed that one day my job would be all of the above and by the end of my Master’s degree that’s exactly what happened. I was teaching, consulting in marketing consulting, surveying markets to identify the psycho-sociological particularities of clients and prospects, trained and coached staff, created action plans, communication strategies, etc.”


“I have a master’s and a bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Marketing from l’Université de Sherbrooke. I worked for almost 10 years as an independent consultant in the Eastern Townships before moving to Montreal and spending nearly 5 years in a major consulting firm doing research, marketing strategy, and executive training.

I have taught in five universities, spread across three continents: Université de Sherbrooke, UQTR, Université de Lorraine (France), Université Ibn Zohr and the International University of Agadir (Morocco). At this last university, I spent the last decade as a senior “Train the trainer” and as a director of the Higher School of Hospitality and Tourism. There, I also held several other pedagogical leadership positions. I have taught numerous courses and seminars for various clients in management, marketing strategy, research methodology, and communications.”

Expertise / Specialization

“My experience led me to address many aspects of marketing, from market research and identifying opportunities, to setting goals and implementing strategies and action plans. My experience has also allowed me to lead brainstorming sessions and workshops to develop innovative products and services, discussion groups, training and coaching of personnel, and optimizing the client experience.”

Differentiator – market value add

“Certainly the fact that I’ve been on both sides of the mirror (sometimes at the same time) as a marketing executive, a trainer, and a strategy consultant. Humbly, very few advisors have worked with such a diverse collection of clients, ranging from the neighborhood start-up to multinational businesses, institutions, industrial sectors, across two continents.

This added value translates into a global pragmatic vision and a better understanding of a customer’s realities within their market context. Our work often resembles that of a detective’s who does not focussed only on what happened in the past but who also looks to the future to find solutions to current issues.”

“Making thing simple is likely the world’s most sophisticated objective.”

Steve Jobs