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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning helps your organization stay aligned and agile as it grows.

A strategic plan helps you to establish a clear and realistic vision of where you want to go, then sets the priorities and objectives required to reach your destination along with the strategy and plans needed to get there. As such, a strategic plan is essential in developing and optimizing your brand experience.

Maïeutyk - La planification stratégique - The Strategic Planning

What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning is a process used by organizations to create a direction for their company and to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve short, medium, and long-term objectives. The strategic planning process differs from a business plan, which defines an organization’s structure and business model. Often neglected, strategic planning is essential to the overall success of your company. Our strategic planning co-creation workshops are divided into three parts.

The three steps to the strategic planning process

Where do you stand?

This is a review of your company’s current situation. During this analysis, you must be realistic, detached, and critical. This first step prepares you for the planning process’s next question or the second step. Putting this step to paper helps with the planning process by serving as a benchmark. Often included in this step is a market analysis or interviews with stakeholders and may include a customer or employee survey.

Where do you want to go?

Answering the question “Where do you want to go?” is at the heart of the strategic planning process. By defining or refining your purpose, vision, mission, values, and priorities, you create a roadmap that guides short, medium and long-term actions

How will you get there?

This last step involves exploring the possible solutions to achieve your various strategic objectives. We help you consider options such as diversification, acquisition, developing a new product or opening a new market. We then craft a clear roadmap to get there.

How Maïeutyk supports you

Our experienced facilitators’ practice maieutics, the art of bringing individuals through dialogue, questions, and discussions to uncover and formulate the truth. This Socratic method allows you to tap into the deep knowledge of your management team, combining their strengths for the organization’s benefit.

The Deliverables

The strategic planning process can vary depending on the size and complexity of your organization. In general, strategic planning includes:

  • Individual interviews with your employees or stakeholders ;
  • A simple or complete market study ;
  • Co-creation workshops do develop or update your purpose, mission, values, and priorities ;
  • A three-year strategic plan ;
  • A co-creation workshop to finalize the 12-month roadmap ;
  • Implementation support in the form of a 30, 60, 90, and 120 follow-up.

Co-creating your strategic plan adds value to your company.

  • This approach allows your team to get get a 360 view of your business ;
  • This process is essential to improving the overall brand experience ;
  • Participation in these workshops is a team-building activity;
  • This workshop is essential in developing the alignment of your brand experience, customer experience and employee experience (BX, CX, and EX).