Customer experience (CX) training is needed if you want to support the teams who implement your customer experience.

Maïeutyk’s customer experience training is tailored to your business’s realities and your overall customer experience strategy.

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What Is Customer Experience (CX) Training?

Once your customer experience strategy is defined, optimized policies and procedures are in place, and your organizational structure is adapted to your strategy, the next step is to train your teams. CX training allows your teams to understand better and serve your customers.

Whether the customer is internal or external, customer experience training allows your employees to combine their know-how with a customer-centric attitude and set your customer experience strategy into motion.

The goals of CX Training

A Shared Vision of the Customer

When customers come into contact with your company, they experience your brand. They don’t care about what department they’re talking to but are looking for a positive experience. So how do you ensure that these experiences are consistent over time?

Having a shared vision of the customer allows your teams to come together and minimize interdepartmental silos. Like a relay race, each team member is responsible for a moment in the customer journey. Even internal teams impact the overall customer experience since the better inter-departmental communications are, the more fluid the customer experience will be.

A Shared Language

To share a common vision of the customer, team members must have a solid understanding of their needs, expectations, and overall customer journey. This understanding is easier when they have a shared language around the customer experience.

Through a shared customer vision and standardized language, your teams provide a unique and powerful experience for your customers.

How Maïeutyk Supports you

Depending on your needs, we can offer group training or personalized coaching. We also offer train-the-trainer programs to develop your self-sufficiency in implementing your customer experience strategy.

Group Training

Group training is a great way to empower your teams and take your customer experience to the next level. Group training is the best solution if you want to share your vision of the customer experience, have a common language and offer your team practical skills, tips, and tricks to improve the customer experience.


In some cases, it may be preferable to provide key people with coaching to implement the customer experience strategy and action plan effectively. This coaching can be done individually or in small groups depending on your situation. For example, one-on-one coaching has been done with the person in charge of the CX committee set up to improve the customer experience.

The Deliverables

At Maïeutyk, our CX training programs are customized to your needs and reality. In addition to an interactive CX training session, Maïeutyk is committed to providing:

  • For group training: the PowerPoint presentation as well as a participants manual ;
  • For a train-the-trainer program: the trainer’s manual ;
  • For coaching: clear objectives to be achieved by the coaching sessions and KPIs to measure progress.

Our CX training is interactive and practical.

  • Our programs are innovative and are made up of practical exercises, role-playing, and experience sharing ;
  • Our training courses promote collaboration and dialogue within your team ;
  • Our facilitators illustrate the concepts as appropriately as possible according to your business reality ;
  • Each training ends with the creation of an action plan for participants to apply what was learned the next day ;
  • Experienced marketers offer training programs ;
  • The courses are offered in a friendly, relaxed, and productive atmosphere;
  • Training is important in aligning your brand, customer, and employee experiences (BX, CX and EX).