The persona is an essential tool to understand how your customer buys.

The definition of the persona requires a good dose of observation and discernment from the company. It is an important part of our diagnostic phase for the development of any customer experience strategy.

Maïeutyk - Persona marketing

What is the persona?

The persona is a fictional character representing the ideal customer for a product or service in a specific industry as accurately as possible. It is defined by a set of precise characteristics that evokes a group of people who are likely to be interested in your products and/or services.

Depending on your industry and offer, it is possible to have a few personas, each corresponding to different customers in your target market.

No one wakes up one morning and says, “Hey, let’s buy new windows.”

Before the act of buying, there is a need. Whether spontaneous or planned, a final purchase is associated with a need. A need is motivated by a physiological event, an emotional response or a particular circumstance such as a moment in life, a season or an unexpected event. To reach your prospect to develop an effective and relevant marketing strategy, you need to understand a customer’s needs and motivations. It is the role of the persona.

How Maïeutyk supports you

We use a method called maieutics to facilitate co-creation workshops around personas and customer journeys. Our facilitators are experienced in the art of questioning and active listening and are at the intersection of a strategist, a coach and a trainer, allowing your teams to work together in an open and efficient environment.

Furthermore, your team is a gold mine of information about your customers. Having them work together to define your persona in a co-creation workshop is more efficient and more representative of your target customer.

The deliverables

As is the case in all our other workshops, experiencing a co-creation process is a deliverable in itself!

Allowing your team members to participate in developing your persona is an added benefit for your company. Their knowledge, input and involvement allow you to build your customer experience strategy from the inside out.

Concretely, at the end of the Persona co-creation workshop, participants leave with:

  • The satisfaction of having contributed to the company’s strategic development process (sense of engagement);
  • The opportunity to get to know other team members better (team building);
  • A better understanding of customers: their needs, their emotions and the customer journey;
  • A richer vision of their role and the role of their teammates in the overall customer experience;
  • The persona file(s) were co-created with the other team members during the workshop.

Our approach encourages a real mobilization of your teams in a practical way.

  • Our participative method is about “living it instead of telling you how to do it”;
  • We integrate your teams in the development of your strategy and therefore facilitate certain steps in the change management process;
  • We focus on the transfer of skills to your company and teams;
  • We facilitate your ability to operationalize and capitalize on your customer experience.
  • The development of the persona as a team empowers your employees and optimizes your customer experience.