The customer journey maps your customer’s interactions with your brand. This map is then used to optimize the customer experience.

Mapping the customer journey requires a robust methodology, an analytical mind, and your team’s perspective. Mapping the customer journey is a pillar of the diagnostic phase when developing a customer experience strategy.

Ma}ieutyk - le parcours client - The Customer Journey

What is the Customer Journey?

The customer journey is the interactions that occur when a customer identifies a need, associates it with a brand, purchases and uses the product or service that meets their need. Interactions can last several hours, weeks or even years, depending on the product, service, and product life cycle. These interactions represent the customer’s evolving state of mind throughout the purchasing process. It goes beyond their interactions with any specific touchpoints.

Do you know why your customers choose you? Why did they choose your competitors? Does everyone on your team understand their role in the customer journey? How does your team create unique experiences for your customer?

These questions, and more, are addressed through a comprehensive mapping of your customer’s journey.

Why define the Customer Journey

Rally Your Teams

There are several excellent reasons to define your customer journey, but rallying and mobilizing your teams is key. By mapping the customer’s behaviour through a co-creation workshop, you allow your teams to be part of the solution to break down internal silos.

Whether through social media, phone, website, or personal interactions before or after the sale, your customer needs to feel confident that they will receive the same standard of service.

Optimize the Customer Experience

Good knowledge of the customer journey allows you to identify the critical moments where you build your relationships with your customer. It can also help you identify your weak points.

By exploring the customer’s behaviour and your current sales process, you will better understand your relationships with your customers and find opportunities to personalize and optimize their experience. For example, a technology integrator can use a detailed map to automate specific tasks according to your needs.

Mapping the customer buying process for each persona provides a solid communication and optimization tool allowing you to bring teams together and improve your overall customer experience.

How Maïeutyk Supports you

At Maïeutyk, co-creation workshops are the most effective way to map the customer journey. It’s essential to bring together different departments or team members to build the customer journey since each has differing relationships with your customer. These varying relationships impact their vision of the customer journey! The final map is more representative when all these perspectives are considered.

In addition, statistics show that most new initiatives fail to be implemented. Maïeutyk’s co-creation method integrates your team at the beginning of the process; their fears, hesitations, and great ideas are considered and integrated. As a result, they quickly become involved in the project’s success.

The Deliverables

This co-creation workshop is a unique service offered by Maïeutyk.

Like all our workshops, the chance to experience co-creation is a deliverable. In addition, having team members participate in developing the customer experience strategy is a bonus for your company.

In summary, the process of mapping the customer journey provides each participant with the following:

  • The enriching experience of a co-creation workshop;
  • The chance to participate in the strategic customer experience development process;
  • The opportunity to get to know other team members (team building);
  • A deeper knowledge of marketing concepts such as the customer experience and the persona;
  • A richer vision of their role and the role their teammates play in the customer experience;
  • A summary of the workshop;
  • The map of the customer journey.

Our approach allows you to build and deepen your team’s relationships with your customers.

  • Our methodology is a strong lever for optimizing and personalizing your customer experience;
  • We facilitate the optimization of your sales and marketing;
  • The customer journey is a starting point for developing and optimizing internal policies and procedures;
  • The customer journey is an essential tool for developing the alignment of your brand experience with your customer experience and your employee experience.