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Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer satisfaction survey is an indispensable tool for any company that wants to improve its customer experience.

From a continuous improvement perspective, the customer satisfaction survey is a great tool to clarify and validate the hypotheses identified during the diagnostic phase of the customer experience strategy.

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What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

A customer satisfaction survey is a tool that quantitatively measures your customer’s satisfaction level. It measures the overall perception that your customers have of your product, your service or the company itself. The satisfaction survey aims to identify priorities for improvement and track your evolution over time.

The results obtained through a customer satisfaction survey provide your organization with essential information for developing and continuously improving your customer experience. In addition, it’s a tool often used to confirm and validate the assumptions made during the workshops in the diagnostic phase.

Three Types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

At Maïeutyk, we offer three surveys, each with distinct objectives. The three customer satisfaction survey methodologies offered by Maïeutyk are turn-key and innovative services. They help you find concrete answers to improving your customer experience.

The Percepto 360⁰ Survey


Maïeutyk's customer satisfaction survey. Percepto 360

Maïeutyk’s exclusive Percepto 360⁰ tool analyzes customers’ experiences and satisfaction levels. It is a quantitative method that measures satisfaction according to several aspects. It’s available in both French and English. The main reasons to use this method are to:

  • Better understanding of customer needs and expectations;
  • Compare your brand to the competition and survey customer perceptions of competing products or services;
  • Anticipate future customer needs in a rapidly changing marketplace;
  • Track and measure customer satisfaction over time;
  • Evaluate your commitment as a customer-centric company, both internally and externally;
  • Increase the return on investment of marketing initiatives by gaining a better understanding of customer profiles and relationship practices.

Individual Interviews

To improve and understand clients’ perceptions, it’s often necessary to analyze ideas and perceptions in greater detail. Individual interviews allow for this qualitative and in-depth analysis. We use this methodology to:

  • Understand the perceived strengths and weaknesses of your products and services to increase sales and market share;
  • Identify unmet or new needs to exploit new market opportunities;
  • Guide the company’s future decisions and reduce the risks associated with the development of new initiatives;
  • Identify future commercial strategies and actions that competitors may be taking;
  • Estimate a new product or service’s commercial potential (measure the interest in).

Customers feel more comfortable expressing candid opinions when using this particular interview methodology. In addition, the capacity to personalize and guarantee confidentiality makes the interviewees more comfortable answering openly and elaborating on the discussion points. As a result, this survey method allows you to obtain a detailed and qualitative understanding of your customer’s satisfaction.

Focus Groups

A focus group is a great way to gather customer and prospect perceptions and explore perspectives on new ideas, new products, or services. In addition, it’s a tool that allows you to deepen your knowledge of your target market by obtaining a wide range of qualitative information.

We use focus groups for various reasons, namely to:

  • Gather customer feedback for new products or services;
  • Test new products or new features;
  • Identify new attributes or new features;
  • Generate new ideas on specific aspects of the product;
  • Identify new ways to optimize the customer and employee experience;
  • Better understanding of buying behaviours;
  • Understand how the customer perceives a brand.

The Deliverables

At Maïeutyk, after completing a customer satisfaction survey, you receive the following:

  • Details of the methodology used;
  • Development of a bilingual or unilingual questionnaire;
  • Programming of the questionnaire, the interviews or the focus group;
  • Data collection follow-up;
  • Simple frequency analysis and cross-tabulation of questions on specialized software;
  • Preparation of a detailed report in the language of your choice (French or English);
  • Presentation of the report by videoconference.

Quick and easy to deploy, surveys are essential tools to improve your customer experience.

Maïeutyk offers services that are complementary to the customer satisfaction survey. So whether you would like to develop a Voice of the Customer program, map or optimize the customer journey, Maïeutyk can support you in developing a sustainable business by aligning your BX, CX, and EX.