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Communication strategy

A communication strategy allows you to achieve your communication objectives.

Developing a communication strategy is essential to building effective and targeted promotional campaigns. A communication strategy is the natural next step to implementing your brand DNA and is a part of the overall brand experience circle.

Maïeutyk - Stratégie de communication - Communication strategy

What is a communication strategy?

Whether for internal or external communication, it’s essential to analyze the current ecosystem and the corporate culture. This allows you to develop a distinctive and sustainable position in the market.

Next, you will need to align your communication objectives to the organization’s overall business objectives and identify the audiences targeted by the campaigns.

Targeting the right message to the best internal or external clients increases the effectiveness and ROI of your communication actions. A sound communication strategy aligns core messages to the needs and expectations of your target markets and uses the best communication channels to get there.

Why define your communication strategy

The reasons for an external strategy :

  • To effectively position your company against the competition ;
  • To communicate the added value of the company ;
  • To build your notoriety ;
  • To increase your visibility ;
  • To promote a product or a service (new or established) ;
  • To increase the company’s sales ;
  • To open a new market (target clientele or geographic market) ;
  • Etc.

The reasons for an internal strategy :

  • Improve teamwork ;
  • Break down internal communication silos ;
  • Build a corporate culture aligned with your values ;
  • Attract potential candidates to fill vacant positions ;
  • Mobilize team members in a project that requires a high level of change (ex.: integration of a new CRM or ERP software) ;
  • Create a sense of belonging to the organization ;
  • Etc.

There are as many reasons to implement a communication strategy as there are types of businesses. However, to create an effective communication strategy, it’s essential to create a direct link between your communication objectives and your organization’s priorities.

How Maïeutyk supports you

Like most of our services, at Maïeutyk, this type of strategy is co-created in a workshop with your teams. These workshops, led by one of our experienced facilitators, allow you to take advantage of your team’s collective intelligence and create a communication strategy that is as unique as you are!

You know your company better than anyone else. The role of our facilitators is to put our proven tools at your disposal to create a space for open dialogue between the different participants and develop a strategy that is both creative and pragmatic.

The Deliverables

Like with all our other workshops, simply participating is a deliverable in itself! In general, a communications strategy includes:

  • Your key objectives, formulated in a SMART manner ;
  • The target audience ;
  • The communication axes and critical messages ;
  • The tone of the messages ;
  • The communication channels ;
  • The overall budget (resources, time and materials) as well as per communication channel ;
  • A detailed action plan.

Your communication strategy is a key element to your organization’s success.

Taking the time to shape your communication strategy is small compared to its high impact on creating a strong and sustainable position for your organization on the market.