At Maïeutyk, we love stories. Discover what our clients have to say about us in these testimonials.

Magnor | Karim Abouzeid

"What we appreciate most about Maïeutyk is its comprehensive and holistic approach, from strategy to marketing coordination. It is structured, clear, and very rigorous. Once the implementation plan is in place, the Maïeutyk team follows it autonomously. At Magnor, we enjoy working with Elke, Michèle, and the other collaborators. They share our values, understand our challenges, are flexible, and their approach aligns with ours."

RTCBQ | Marie-Christine Beaulé

"The listening skills of the Maïeutyk team are extraordinary. They are quick to identify our needs and provide us with the necessary support to overcome our challenges. With her vast experience, Elke always surprises us with her animations. She transforms more sensitive workshops into participatory activities where everyone's voice is important. We also value the Maïeutyk team's in-depth knowledge of the whole bio-food sector. For us, it's important to collaborate with professionals who know what they're talking about, and who are familiar with the sector's ecosystem."

Delicouki | Isabelle St-Amand

“ What we appreciate most is your commitment and your professionalism. You work with us as if you were a member of our team. Your team members are conscientious and up-to-date on trends. “

ABB | Natalie Slaughter

‘’We appreciated Maïeutyk’s approach throughout the project. Your team took the time to understand the project scope, outline team synergy and business outcomes, and create a realistic timeline. Your communication was fantastic, and you did an outstanding job leading workshops, capturing feedback, and asking questions. Thank you for taking the reins from day one until the finish line. I appreciate Elke and Erin's passion for understanding our reality and proposing concrete actions.’’

AQDFL | Sophie Perreault

‘’Your entire team was really good! I have participated in several strategic planning exercises with AQDFL and other committees I was on, and with Maïeutyk, it was truly a unique process that yielded solid results. We feel like we have the tools to take us to our next evolution.’’

Département TI | Steven Mc Lean

" What I appreciated most about my experience with Maïeutyk was their professionalism combined with fellowship, and their passion for the topics. Their deliverables were impeccable and they really helped out in the field. Thumbs up! "

PIXCELL | François Piché-Roy

" Elke was able to take us out of our daily routine. She gave us a higher-level view of our business sector, our practice, and how we could gain more market share. Furthermore, the proposed plan was broken down into precise and tangible actions."

Pedlex | Francis Poirier

" We started with a customer-centric business certification mandate, and during the course of the project, we came to appreciate the firm's global expertise. We have since added support, training as well as coaching services. It's a pleasure to work with the Maïeutyk team.”