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Employee Satisfaction Survey

The employee satisfaction survey lets you know what employees think of your organization.

The employee satisfaction survey is an essential tool to improve your employee experience and your employer brand. Used within a context of continuous improvement, the employee satisfaction survey allows you to clarify and validate the assumptions made in your employee experience strategy.

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What is The Employee Satisfaction Survey?

The employee satisfaction survey is a tool that quantitatively measures the satisfaction of the employees you survey. It measures the overall perceptions that your employees have of their working conditions or your organization. Its objective is to identify areas for improvement and provide you with a benchmark to track improvements over time.

The employee satisfaction survey results let you know if your employees are happy at work and how your team feels about your company allowing you to improve your employer brand over time. As brand ambassadors, a strong employee experience directly correlates to a great customer experience, effectively positioning you for long-term success.


Types Of Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Percepto 360⁰ Employee Survey


Maïeutyk’s proprietary Percepto 360⁰ employee survey measures employee experience and overall satisfaction. It’s a quantitative method to measure the multiple aspects of employee satisfaction and is available in French and English. The main reasons to use this method are:

  • Gain a clear picture of employee satisfaction, allowing you to guide future decisions;
  • Get a better understanding of your team’s needs and expectations;
  • Track and measure employee satisfaction over time;
  • Anticipate the future needs of your employees in a rapidly changing world.

Individual Interviews

In order to improve and understand your employee experience, at times a deeper dive into the reasons behind certain actions may be required. Individual interviews allow for this level of in-depth situation analysis. Individual interviews are used for the following reasons:

  • Qualitatively analyze employees’ attitudes and perceptions in relation to a specific topic;
  • Qualitatively analyze the issues and realities that your employees face;
  • Guide future business decisions and reduce the risks associated with developing new initiatives.

Focus Groups

On one hand, employee satisfaction surveys are a great way to gain quantitative data on your employees’ satisfaction. On the other side, individual interviews help you build on the data obtained in the surveys. Focus groups offer employees the opportunity to explore, discover and develop solutions for improving the employee experience.

The Deliverables

In summary, the employee satisfaction survey service at Maïeutyk includes:

  • Creation of the survey or discussion guide;
  • Invitation and communication templates;
  • An explanation of the methodology used;
  • The complete results;
  • Analysis and a detailed results report;
  • Recommendations on next steps.

Employee satisfaction surveys are great tools for making sound decisions.

  • It is simple and easy to deploy;
  • It gives you a better understanding of the needs and expectations of your employees;
  • It is used to evaluate the commitment of your teams;
  • It is a tool to help identify problems and prioritize solutions;
  • It helps you track and measure your progress over time;
  • It enhances your employee experience strategy and, therefore, also helps gain alignment with your customer experience and brand experience strategies.