About Us

We specialize in cocreating marketing strategies that generate sustainable growth by aligning your brand experience (BX), customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX).

Cocreation workshops were instrumental in our beginnings and remain at the core of our work today.


Maïeutyk was founded 2011 by Elke Steinwender. After managing marketing operations for over 15 years in 22 different countries, Elke began her entrepreneurial journey as a strategic marketing consultant.

Her first mandate was to carry out a thorough market analysis and develop a marketing strategy for a client. Elke’s work impressed the client, and they were optimistic about their future. However, a month later, when she followed up with the client, she learned that none of the plan’s actions had been implemented.

It was at this point that Maïeutyk’s cocreation workshop approach and implementation plans were created.


Elke recognized the potential for growth in her client and didn’t want the marketing plan to go unused.

She arranged a meeting with their team, and over a six-hour period, they collaborated to workshop the entire strategy. Together, they developed an actionable plan that could be implemented from the following day.

From that point on, cocreation workshops have been at the core of our work. We believe in harnessing the potential of the group, creating an environment for everyone to learn from each other and accelerate business growth.

Our Journey

We have developed a standardized workshop program and since our establishment, we have supported 330+ businesses and conducted 6,600+ hours of cocreation workshops.

Who we are

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Our Vision

Through open dialogue and creative listening, we aim to foster positive change, agility, and prosperity for ourselves, our clients, and those around us.

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Our Mission

To create sustainable agility for businesses by aligning their brand experience (BX), customer experience (CX), and employee experience (EX).

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Our Values

Our values are at the core of our identity and guide our business practices: Curiosity. Courage. Collaboration. Engagement. Creative Listening.

What we do

We specialize in cocreating marketing strategies that generate sustainable growth for small and medium-sized businesses.


Our strategies align your brand experience (BX), customer experience (CX), and employee experience (EX) to give you the agility you need to stand out in a crowded space.

Whether your business is in a period of transition or requires guidance in team or division alignment, we can provide:

Cocreation Workshop Facilitation:

This is where the magic happens. We bring your team together and facilitate cocreation workshops that bring about the answers we need to create a customized marketing strategy for your business. Our facilitators have mastered the art of asking the right questions and creating a space for open and collaborative dialogue. Our workshops take place in person or virtually, depending on your location.

Marketing Management Services:

70% of a strategy’s success lies in its implementation. We offer marketing management services to support the implementation of your customized marketing strategy. Whether you have a marketing department or not, we can work alongside your team to execute the plan and collaborate with our range of specialized partners to help implement our strategies. You can rest assured that we won’t give you a plan that will go unused.

What makes us unique

Our cocreation workshop approach sets us apart from other organizations, and it is the foundation of our work. Here’s why:


Our name, Maïeutyk, is derived from the word “maieutics” which was a unique method used by Socrates in Ancient Greece to help individuals discover their true selves and understanding through a process of questioning and open dialogue.

Socrates firmly believed that every individual holds the truth within themselves, and the role of the philosopher is to help bring that truth to the surface.

At Maïeutyk, we practice this philosophy every day as facilitators. Our cocreation workshops foster critical thinking and aim to bring together all voices to create a comprehensive and unified marketing strategy. Using this approach within a team cultivates ownership and pride, optimizes change management and leads to improved implementation.