The Brand DNA is the process used to define your organization’s identity and guide the actions related to your brand experience.

  • How do well-known and popular brands reach us and stay in our individual and collective memory?
  • What makes a target customer recognize one brand more than another?
  • Is your brand identity only related to your logo?

Maïeutyk’s Brand definition service answers these and many more questions in the diagnostic phase of the brand experience.

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What is the brand DNA?

The brand DNA is an essential marketing concept. It offers an overall view of your brand’s positioning by determining the elements that create its core identity, attributes, and personality and how these differ from its competitors. The brand DNA goes further than your brand’s visual identity and slogan, defining your company’s purpose, mission, values, and positioning.

The Elements of the Brand DNA

Your company’s purpose and values

Why do you do what you do? What reasons get you out of bed every morning? People are increasingly buying into an organization’s culture, mission, and values.

People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.
Quote from The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek.

We define a brand’s DNA with a collective introspection to determine your purpose and reason for being (why). Then we define or refine your values and help you craft your mission. These three components are an integral part of your Brand DNA.

Your positioning

Your brand positioning is a statement that describes the space your brand occupies in a particular market compared to your competitors. At Maïeutyk, we use a simple and practical tool to visualize, on one page, your brand’s territory. Your positioning statement and value proposition help you stay focused across multiple touchpoints.

Your storytelling

Once your purpose, mission, values, and positioning are well defined, it’s possible to move to the storytelling portion of the brand DNA. Brand storytelling uses narrative techniques to engage with your target market and articulate your unique identity. Storytelling goes beyond traditional marketing approaches to integrate and communicate the uniqueness of your positioning. Balancing functional and emotional messages makes it easier to differentiate yourself from competitors and build a stronger brand.

Why define brand DNA

The ultimate purpose of this process is to guide and focus your internal and external communications. It provides a framework to deliver consistent messaging across all your touch points. A well-defined brand DNA articulates your unicity, strengthens your brand image, helps to foster notoriety, and works to define your storytelling.

How Maïeutyk supports you

Like most of our services, we approach the development of your brand’s DNA in co-creation workshops with your team. This workshop, led by one of our experienced facilitators, allows you to capitalize on your internal collective intelligence to develop your brand strategy. No one knows your company better than you – our role is to guide you through the process.

The Brand DNA is more than visual elements.

In summary, to define your brand, it’s necessary to determine the following key elements with your team:

  • Your company’s purpose ;
  • Mission and values ;
  • Your positioning ;
  • The storytelling of your brand.

These elements are the foundation for developing an alignment of your brand experience, customer experience and employee experience (BX, CX and EX) strategies.