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What Is The Brand Experience?

There seem to be as many definitions of brand experience (BX) as web pages do!  According to an article from Bernd Schmitt at the Center on Global Brand Leadership from  the Columbia Business School in New York   “Brand... Read More

By Elke Steinwender
Six Ways To Measure The Brand Experience

Many rigorous and expensive methods measure consumer sentiment toward your brand. In a previous blog post, we shared Maïeutyk’s definition of brand experience (BX). We explained that the brand experience, called “Business Experience,” is the sum of peoples’ feelings about... Read More

By Elke Steinwender
The Employee Experience According To Maïeutyk

The employee experience (EX) is very similar to the concept of customer experience but with your employees or candidates included in the equation. With today’s labour shortage, if you want to grow your business, having employee experience is a strategy... Read More

By Elke Steinwender
11 Ways To Measure The Employee Experience

The employee experience is a hot topic these days. Today’s labour shortage means that it’s essential to retain your talent and ensure that your employees are happy. To do so, we suggest you define an employee experience strategy.     However,... Read More

By Michèle Boutin
5 Reasons To Update Your Customer Experience Strategy

Are you due for an update customer experience strategy? What are the signs of an outdated customer experience strategy? In our opinion, customer experience should be at the center of every organization. The following quote expresses our point of view... Read More

By Elke Steinwender
How To Increase Your Customers’ Wallet Share?

How to define and increase your customers’ wallet share? In general, every company has a database of its customers, with varying degrees of detail. This database is a mine of information for the development of your company. In order to... Read More

By Michèle Boutin
8 Metrics To Measure Customer Experience

There are several performance metrics commonly called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). But what are the 8 main metrics to measure Customer experience? How do you know if your Customer Experience strategy is working? How do you measure the benefits of... Read More

By Michèle Boutin