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Bring out the champagne and the confettis!

The new Maïeutyk website is online! Before getting down to business, let me introduce you to the people who made it all possible: Maciek, Daniel, and the Creative Dot team. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Creative Dot. On one hand, Maciek created the most amazing, meaningful and representative design of our vision. […] 2 min

Why is a strategic plan important?

Here are the 4 main reasons to perform a strategic plan: 1. Effectiveness and Efficiency Efficiency is your ability to accomplish something with the least wasted time, money, or effort. Effectiveness is doing the right things to bring you toward your overall goal. 2. Motivation The more involved your team is in the planning process, […] 5 min

The top five reasons why strategic plans fail

What are the reasons that makes strategic plans fail? And how to make sure it does not happen to you? According to the Harvard Business Review, between 60% and 90% of strategic plans fail to become a reality. With those kinds of statistics, leaders often ask themselves a very valid question: why even bother? I […] 5 min

Six Ways To Measure The Brand Experience

Many rigorous and expensive methods measure consumer sentiment toward your brand. In a previous blog post, we shared Maïeutyk’s definition of brand experience (BX). We explained that the brand experience, called “Business Experience,” is the sum of peoples’ feelings about your brand before they become your customers. In line with this definition, some high-level concepts […] 4 min

What is the Brand Experience?

There seem to be as many definitions of brand experience (BX) as web pages do! According to an article from Bernd Schmitt at the Center on Global Brand Leadership from  the Columbia Business School in New York “Brand experience is defined as subjective, internal consumer responses (sensations, feelings and cognitions) as well as behavioral […] 4 min

The Customer Experience According To Maïeutyk

These days, the term ” Customer experience ” is on everyone’s lips to the point where it’s almost overused. Each industry has its approach, and if you Google the term, you quickly realize that the definition of Customer experience can vary a lot. So here’s the Customer experience description according to Maïeutyk and why it […] 6 min

How To Increase Your Customers’ Wallet Share?

How to define and increase your customers’ wallet share? In general, every company has a database of its customers, with varying degrees of detail. This database is a mine of information for the development of your company. In order to grow, our clients often ask us to determine the best methods to attract new customers. […] 3 min

5 Reasons to Update a Customer Experience Strategy

Are you due for an update customer experience strategy? What are the signs of an outdated customer experience strategy? In our opinion, customer experience should be at the center of every organization. The following quote expresses our point of view on the subject: “If you don’t take care of your customers, your competitor will” – […] 4 min