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If you think you’re aligned, think again

We have all heard about the shockingly short tenure of the average Chief Marketing Officer in North America… 40 months* or so. However, I was equally shaken by this fact: Only 34% of Chief Executive Officers actually trust their CMO! A UK study pegs it at 20%**.   The lack of alignment   I have […] 2 min

How to evaluate your company’s strategic alignment?

As most entrepreneurs would attest, aligning towards a common goal is vital for any business. Countless hours are devoted to deliberating over the business strategy, but the question remains: Is everyone truly on the same page ? On going research cited in this Harvard Business Review article reveals that strategic misalignment is a common occurrence. […] 3 min

Marketing explained in 5 key concepts

Defining marketing can be a difficult task. defines marketing as: « the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. » This definition of marketing seems too…narrow. While it can be defined as the process of introducing products and services to the market and promoting them, there […] 2 min

3 reasons to survey your employees

What are the best reasons to survey your employees? As a business owner, we often hear the saying “no customers, no business!”. That’s true, but what about your employees? Without trained, competent, and happy employees, it’s almost impossible to respond to your customers’ demands adequately! In fact, your employees are the very foundation of your […] 3 min

5 practices to communicate the employer brand

Discover 5 best practices to communicate your employer brand. To make your employer brand attractive and distinct, it’s necessary to develop a few important points while keeping people at the center of your thinking. Strategic points that can help communicate your employer brand are: Your values; The employee experience; The alignment of your recruitment efforts; […] 2 min

How to build your employer brand

Employer branding is the articulation of your employee experience with the goal of attracting new talent, but how do you build an employer brand concisely and effectively? Still not convinced of the need to invest time, money and effort in developing your employer brand? I invite you to read our web page on the reasons […] 3 min

Bring out the champagne and the confettis!

The new Maïeutyk website is online! Before getting down to business, let me introduce you to the people who made it all possible: Maciek, Daniel, and the Creative Dot team. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Creative Dot. On one hand, Maciek created the most amazing, meaningful and representative design of our vision. […] 2 min

Why is a strategic plan important?

Here are the 4 main reasons to perform a strategic plan: 1. Effectiveness and Efficiency Efficiency is your ability to accomplish something with the least wasted time, money, or effort. Effectiveness is doing the right things to bring you toward your overall goal. 2. Motivation The more involved your team is in the planning process, […] 5 min