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The Mastery of Marketing and Advertising

  In a world saturated with advertising messages, capturing customers’ attention is a significant challenge. However, with a solid understanding of marketing and advertising, you can rise above the noise and take control of your brand’s narrative. These tools enable you to tell compelling stories, create emotional connections with audiences, and build lasting relationships. But […] 2 min

Segmentation, Target Market, and Persona: The Three Pillars of Marketing Strategy

  In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, an organization’s success depends partly on its ability to connect with its customers. But how do you do this when dealing with many individuals with diverse profiles and expectations? This is where the three pillars of marketing strategy come into play: segmentation, target market, and personas. Far from […] 4 min

Untangling the strings of marketing and communications

  Marketing and communications are not twins but siblings: close, related, and undeniably distinct. While these concepts share many commonalities, such as strengthening a brand’s voice and impact, they operate differently and with different aims. So, untangling these two disciplines’ strings is essential to implement effective communication and marketing strategies that avoid intruding on each […] 3 min

Marketing Maturity: Breaking silos

  When we talk about maturity, many people think of the personal evolution that everyone goes through during adolescence. But this concept is just as important in the world of marketing. In this blog, we’ll explore the three distinct levels of marketing maturity we regularly observe among our customers. Before exploring these levels, let’s recall […] 5 min

Marketing Focus: Client or Competition?

  The competition often seems to be the sole focus of business owners and their teams. What are they doing? Who are they working with? How much are they charging? This focus aims to develop a strategy to better position the company in its market. But is this approach truly the wisest one? On one […] 3 min

Continuous improvement and marketing

  In the vast web of marketing, one constant remains inescapable: continuous improvement. As in all aspects of life, marketing offers fertile ground for improvement, and it makes sense to explore it through the lens of Lean Six Sigma, a toolbox integrated into our approach. Building marketing foundations, including creating a robust brand, perfecting communication […] 2 min

Is it easy to buy from you?

This question might seem surprising, but it’s essential to recognize that the consumer landscape has changed radically. With the advent of the digital revolution, consumer behaviour, and consequently marketing, have been completely transformed, making this question necessary for several reasons: Abundance of choices Firstly, in today’s world, consumers have access to a wide array of […] 3 min

Brand integrity and social media

In the current context, brand integrity is more important than ever, particularly due to the impact of social media on a company’s reputation and perception. But what exactly is brand integrity? According to Kristin Zhivago, author of “Roadmap to Revenue,” “brand development is the promise you make. Your brand is the promise you keep.” In […] 4 min