Find answers to frequently asked questions about us.

Maïeutyk is not a traditional marketing agency or branding agency. We help organizations strategically develop their brand experience (BX), customer experience (CX), and employee experience (EX). Aligning your BX, CX, and EX will help create the agility required to seize opportunities and sustainably propel your organization. We work with a wide range of specialized partners to help implement our development strategies. For example, if you need Google advertising to achieve your new BX, CX, or EX strategy, we will work with one of our partners to develop and implement your strategy. If you already have your preferred suppliers, we will collaborate with them to implement it.

Maïeutyk is not a website developer. However, if the creation or implementation of a website is part of your new strategy, we can refer you to one of our preferred partners.

Maïeutyk is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For over eleven years, we have assisted over 320 companies across Canada and France (in collaboration with our colleagues from MAÏEUTYK France). With modern technological solutions, Maïeutyk can help align your BX, CX, and EX wherever you are!

Maïeutyk specializes in aligning the brand experience, customer experience, and employee experiences. These business realities apply to all industries. We have clients in manufacturing, agrifood, financial services, real estate management, and public and non-profit organizations.

Maïeutyk works mainly with small to medium-sized companies that wish to develop and align their BX, CX, and EX strategies and want this alignment to serve as a strategic development tool for the short, medium, and long term. If you are a company that wants to navigate with greater ease and create lasting agility in these changing, uncertain times, Maïeutyk can help you!

Maïeutyk offers personalized services adapted to your company, so the duration of your mandate can vary according to your needs. A typical mandate in one of our BX, CX, and EX specializations lasts between 3 to 6 months. Creating complete alignment is a process that lasts between 12 to 24 months. These types of implementation support include optimizing policies and procedures, training, and organizational development.

Maeutyk has a team of fluently bilingual facilitators. We work in French and English with our clients.

Maïeutyk supports companies that offer services and products to other companies (Business to Business) and companies that sell directly to consumers (Business to Customers). Whether your company operates in B2B or B2C, brand experience, customer experience and employee experience are core business components, and Maïeutyk can help you align these strategies to your needs.