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Voice of the Employee

The voice of the employee is a tangible approach to optimizing your employee experience.

How do you develop a lasting relationship with your candidates and employees? The voice of the employee (VOE) is a process of listening and dialoguing to build relationships between an organization and its employees. Implementing a voice of the employee program improves your overall employee experience and, consequently, your employer brand.

Maïeutyk - voix de l'employé - voice of the employee

What is The Voice of the Employee?

The voice of the employee is a proactive process that allows you to understand the needs, realities, issues, and challenges your team faces.

This program requires an understanding of interdepartmental dynamics, relationships with superiors, work conditions, and the works tools that facilitate or hinder your employee’s ability to work.

The process consists of collecting data on your employees’ impressions at a specific moment to determine the actions required to improve the employee experience.

Furthermore, this program addresses key moments in the employee journey transforming identified issues into a tangible action plan accompanied by either an internal or external communication plan.

Why The Voice of the Employee

Risk Management

Having a VOE program in place helps you manage risk. It gathers quantitative data to support decision-making around the employee experience. Furthermore, the employee experience directly impacts your market position since your team is in an excellent place to inform you about what is happening inside and outside the organization.

Optimize The Employee Experience

This program provides a proactive way to evaluate employee satisfaction and create a concrete action plan to improve weaker areas of the employee experience.

How Maïeutyk Supports You

The voice of the employee is a continuous improvement process that identifies and prevents issues while providing you with a solution path.

The action plan is sourced from the annual employee satisfaction survey data, from the answers obtained during individual interviews, or internal focus groups.

We often use co-creation workshops to develop this program. Experience with other clients has shown that teams have remarkable insights and solutions to the issues that affect their daily activities.

The Deliverables

At Maïeutyk, we take a continuous improvement approach to developing our programs and services. As such, the deliverables of this type of program depend on the results of your diagnostic. Here are the typical deliverables of a voice of the employee program:

  • Diagnosis of the current situation (meeting, interviews, and research);
  • Development and delivery of the final report ;
  • Development or refinement of the persona (candidate and employee) and their employee journey ;
  • Employee satisfaction survey to provide the organization with a quantitative benchmark ;
  • Co-creation workshop to determine the priorities related to improving the employee experience ;
  • Action plan and support for its implementation.

Our approach to the voice of the employee allows you to uncover the truths of your employee experience.

  • Continuous improvement process;
  • Tool to help prioritize actions;
  • Transformative element for your business that helps develop the alignment of your brand experience, customer experience, and employee experience strategies.