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Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing consulting services are offered to companies to support their strategic, tactical, and operational marketing efforts.

The option of having an outsourced marketing department is an ideal, fair-priced solution to balance short-term needs with the medium and long-term needs of the company while optimizing the overall brand experience.

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What are marketing consulting services?

In SMBs, there is often a sales manager but rarely a marketing manager. Why is this? Usually, the company focuses its resources and hires a full-time person for business development since they can impact sales in the next month or quarter.

The marketing function focuses its efforts on positively impacting the achievement of an organization’s medium and long-term goals. Examples of these objectives include brand positioning, competitive intelligence, visibility, notoriety, lead generation, etc.

When you outsource your marketing management, Maïeutyk becomes your marketing department. This type of service can be in the form of a weekly, monthly, or quarterly bank of hours. Often, the marketing director sits on the company’s board of directors bringing a marketing mindset to the development of the SMB’s strategic plans. This approach makes it easier for you to budget the resources required to achieve your objectives.

Why choose marketing consulting services?

The reasons for using outsourced marketing consulting services are as numerous and varied as our clients!

Some examples of reasons include:

  • The benefits of a senior marketing team without the burden of a large salary or the headache of recruiting the right person ;
  • Achieving our objectives in the most efficient manner possible ;
  • Time savings: our senior facilitators don’t require training, only an integration workshop ;
  • Attentive support from people who are passionate about marketing, available, and dedicated to your success ;
  • Experienced experts in constant evolution. Each marketing manager has access to a team of marketing experts to bring you innovative ideas and solutions on an ongoing basis ;
  • Access to a network of collaborators to solve marketing challenges of all kinds.

How Maïeutyk supports you

Our approach is based on our methodology and inspired by both Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking. This iterative and rigorous approach allows us to quickly and efficiently understand your reality, context, and challenges. Furthermore, we combine our method with the following concept’s core to our approach: co-creation, continuous improvement, and coaching.

The deliverables

We define the deliverables with you at the beginning of the mandate based on your current situation and objectives. They can take the form of the following elements:

  • Market analysis ;
  • Competitor analysis ;
  • Development of a communication strategy ;
  • Development of a marketing strategy ;
  • Development of a marketing plan ;
  • Support of internal or external resources in the implementation of the marketing strategy ;
  • Integration of a voice of the customer program ;
  • Support for the implementation of internal marketing initiatives ;
  • A clear roadmap with specific goals and milestone achievement measures over time ;
  • Etc.

Our outsourced marketing consulting services are flexible and offer you an external perspective and a new vision for your business.

In addition, we would be delighted if an internal resource is identified as having high potential and could take over the marketing management position! Our experienced experts will be pleased to train, coach, and develop these individuals toward achieving their career goals within your company.