One-to-One Interviews

Discover the previously untold truths about your product or service.

One-to-one interviews provide further insight into specific areas of improvement and customer perception. Interviewees are more inclined to provide in-depth information due to the personalized nature of the interview and due to the confidentiality of the answers.

One-to-one customer interviews are used by our clients for several reasons.

The most common are:

  • To gain an in-depth perception of product strengths and weaknesses in order to increase sales or market share
  • To identify unknown or not-met needs in order to exploit new opportunities
  • To gain a better understanding of their competitors due following a rapid loss of sales or market share
  • To test the interest in a new product or service

Other common reasons for using one-to-one interviews:

  • The customer has a limited database in the particular target segment and cannot do a statistically viable web-based customer survey
  • Targeted individuals are at the C-Suite level (Presidents, Vice-Presidents, or Directors) and traditionally do not answer web-based surveys but are available for in-person or phone interviews

One-to-One Interviews

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