What does Maïeutyk mean?


Maieutics (we write it Maïeutyk) is also known as the Socratic Method, which is the art of bringing individuals, through dialogue, questions, and discussions to uncover and formulate the truth within.

We use this approach in all of our workshop to co-create strategies and action plans that take into account your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Our role as facilitators is to help you leverage the best solution for your reality.

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Advantages of working with us

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Brand DNA

Who we are and how we work - internally and with our clients.


Our passion for marketing kick-starts our mornings!
Each new project receives a personalized attention. It is our pleasure to marry our marketing knowledge and energy to achieve your objectives.

Elke SteinwenderFacilitatrice sénior, fondatrice

Elke has more than 15 years of senior, international, marketing experience and a Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in marketing.

Valérie BosséAssociée, Directrice Générale Maïeutyk France

Valérie has a Bachelor in East-Asian studies and geography, a Master of geography and a Certificate in direct marketing.

Mireille FortierFacilitatrice

Mireille holds a Bachelor of Administration from l’Université du Québec à Montréal along with an MBA from the Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal.

Patrick BEAUDUINConsulting expert, communication

Patrick holds a master degree and a teaching certification in Journalism and Social Communication. He spent more than 10 years as a creative director in advertising agencies in Europe. Nearly 20 years as VP Creation at Cossette, the first communication agency in Canada.

Nathalie DionFacilitatrice

Nathalie holds a Bachelor in Business from l'Université de Sherbrooke and a Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt training.

Élise BérardFacilitatrice

Élise has also worked in large agencies (such as Y&R) as well as in medium and large companies or in institutions such as Ivanhoe Cambridge.

Michèle BoutinFacilitatrice

Michèle has experience in the IT, pharmaceutical and retail sectors. She has an excellent analytical mind and is solution oriented.

Marc GagnierFacilitateur Sénior

Marc is a highly skilled strategist with over 30 years of experience in marketing. He is known for his insatiable curiosity, thirst for knowledge, excellent listening skills and keen sense of observation, all of which are essential to sound strategic thinking in a constantly evolving communications environment.

Marie-Christine PlouffeDirector, Business Development

Marie-Christine is passionate about entrepreneurship and the business world. She is always on the lookout for new opportunities.

Strategic Partners

“Alone we go faster. Together we go further” African proverb


Semeon is an ultra precise text analytics platform powered by artificial intellingence. It increases the capabilities of data scientists, allowing them to discover insights for all user cases. Semeon is the only idea extractor on the planet.

Massy Forget Langlois relations publiques

Massy Forget Langlois public relations is a consulting firm offering a wide range of public relations and public affairs services. The firm designs and manages programs to support the goals of its clients. The Massy Forget Langlois Public Relations team brings together communications professionals with many years of experience in business, media, and public administration.

Seleno Marketing

A marketing research firm. Their services include: market research, satisfaction surveys, focus groups, individual interviews, and internet surveys. Seleno marketing: know-how based on a solid experience.


Digitad is a performance web marketing agency helping SMEs gain become more visible online through search engine optimization, paid advertising and social media management. Launched in 2014, Digitad has served over 300 companies throughout the province.

B2H Conseils

B2H Services supports businesses in the evaluation, development and or improvement of their processes, policies, and procedures. The result is an optimization of their material, human, financial and time resources. With more than 20 years of experience in project management, administrative support, and customer service B2H Services develops personalized and innovative solutions to support businesses at each stage of their development.

G. La Roche

G. La Roche Consulting, helps business leaders in the food transformation industry take their businesses to the next level of success. With over 40 years experiences in various aspects of the food industry in Québec, G. La Roche Consulting offers personalizes consulting services and conferences.