The Top 5 Things Successful Marketers Do

January 18, 2019 | Elke Steinwender
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The Top 5 Things Successful Marketers Do


There’s a lot of different advise out there to improve your marketing, both strategy and tactics. Some of it is good, some so-so, and a lot that promise a quick fix.

The following are the 5 things that, over my 20 years (yikes – times flies!) in marketing, have proven to be the most effective.  The companies who have consistently and systematically applied these 5 things have seen their client base and market share grow, year over year.

Without further ado, here are the 5 things that successful marketers do:

  1. Successful marketing starts with the customer. Understanding them and speak to them in a manner that is focussed on them versus your brand.
  2. Planning and strategy. They take the time to figure out the big picture of their target market, of the market in general but also to get involved in the overall strategic planning of the company. Marketing is not advertising, not promotions or campaigns. Marketing (the act of brining a product or service to market) drives corporate strategy. Get to know what your peers and co-workers are dealing with. Define a department by department SWOT.
  3. You staff is your #1 touch point – they are the ambassadors or your brand – taking the time to train all of them on your elevator pitch e the time to train them on who you are transforms every person into a sales person.
  4. Process, process, process! Standardization is key to providing your clients with a consistent brand experience.
  5. Consistency pays! Brushing your teeth though was a chore until it became a habit – make marketing a habit that is integrated into your culture and you won’t stress out to make your sales quotas.

Surprised by their simplicity? Don’t be.

The 5 things that make great marketers (starting with customer, strategy and planning, building brand ambassadors, process and consistency) may seem simple, but applying them systematically and consistently is a challenge for many.

Once in a while, we can all shoot a 3-point basket or score a goal at hockey, but doing it day-in and day-out is a completely different matter. Athletes and artists alike spend years and years practicing the basics, perfecting them. Making the basics seem easy.

Take away: Take a page of an athlete’s playbook – get back to the basics, perfect it and do it over and over again!

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