Consulting Services

Interactive. Pratical. Effective.
Apply what you learned the very next day with your custom action plan.



Is your mission and vision up to date? Do your values reflect your reality? Align goals, objectives, and priorities allowing you to take advantage of market opportunities. We can help you facilitate the process.

The world has changed.  To adapt, organizations must reinvent their relationships with clients, prospects, employees, and communities.

Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes and map their current and their perfect journey. Overlay this map with current sales processes. Identify gaps in messaging or processes and turn them into opportunities.

Wonder why customers choose the competition over you? A well-defined brand DNA and value proposition allow you to clearly articulate what makes you special.

Very different from defining your target market, client profiling help you develop a physical, sociological and emotional portrait of your ideal client. What is his/her name? What challenges does he/she face? Goals, dreams and ambitions? This workshop helps you profile your ideal client.

Move out of your comfort zone and challenge your status quo. Innovation, creativity, and synergy are what happen when a group of people work together to solve a problem and overcome obstacles. Maïeutyk has developed a unique way of creating marketing strategies.

During this exercise, the leadership team takes time out to reflect and answer the following 4 questions: Where are we at? Where do we want to go? How will we get there? How will we measure progress? Having an impartial third party facilitating the exercise simplifies the process.

Is your brand ready for the omni-channel consumer? The 7 Stratum of the brand provides you with actionable steps to keep your brand agile in a rapidly changing world.

In a context where attracting and retaining skilled labor is more and more difficult, are you positioning your brand as an employer of choice? Take a marketing approach to attracting talent. Develop internal communication plans to motivate and retain talent.



Are you ready to seize market opportunities? Are daily actions aligned to priorities? Successfully implementing an action plan can be challenging. We can help.

Even the best plans can derail if daily actions aren’t aligned to long-term goals. We help you focus your daily and weekly actions to keep you on track towards achieving business success

We can help you implement your marketing strategy with practical hands-on day-to-day marketing support to turns your plans into reality.

We make sure that you are lean and mean when it comes to process optimization. We offer support to make sure you are customer focused processes are Lean.



Interactive. Practical. Effective.

Over 250h of bilingual employee training from customer experience, influencer marketing, social media and social selling. Looking to take your team to the next level? We can help.

The digital revolution and the company-client relationship has evolved. This course teaches you how to adapt your storytelling to this new reality.

Looking to kick-start sales? Questioning your current business model? This training teaches you how to apply the concepts of business model prototyping.

Collaboration is a learned skill that facilitates organizational agility. Leverage the current context to integrate new ways of working.

Effective internal communications have always been challenging. Getting them right has always been the biggest hurdle to implementing strategic plans – and this was prior to COVID-19! This training's focus is on how to optimize internal communications.

Very different from defining your target market, client profiling help you develop a physical, sociological and emotional portrait of your ideal client. What is his/her name? What challenges does he/she face? Goals, dreams and ambitions? This workshop helps you profile your ideal client.

You’d like to use LinkedIn as part of your business development efforts but don’t know where to start? This hands-on workshop will teach you how to create an excellent profile, use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool, and create and manage communications.

Take your brand to the next level. Give your team the skills and know-how to go beyond customer service and provide your customers with a “WOW!” experience every time they interact with your brand.

If you are using digital marketing tools to grow your business, you already have a lot of data on your hands! Do you know how to read, understand, and take action on this data to take your marketing to the next level?

Research & Surveys


Are you the best kept secret in town? Do you use social media, online advertising, and email marketing to grow your business? Training can help you integrate cutting edge marketing tactics to grow your business.

The world has changed. The customer has changed. Do you know your customers' new intent to purchase? For Who? Leaders and managers who would like to get a better handle on how many people to rehire, gain a better understanding of their sales pipeline, operational needs, and ultimately on their cash flow.

Do you know really know what clients think of you? Of the competition? Our exclusive Percepto 360º has the answer to these questions and many more.

One-to-one interviews provide further insight into specific areas of improvement and customer perception. Interviewees are more inclined to provide in-depth information due to the personalized nature of the interview and due to the confidentiality of the answers.

Market research is essential to understanding the true potential of a product or service. Our structured and proven method provides you with the insight required to make sound business decisions.

Focus groups allow you to compare points of view and test ideas. An effective group facilitator can achieve this goal and generate a multitude of new ideas from the group.