Collaboration to create an agile work environment

Collaboration is a learned skill that facilitates organizational agility.


Here are the top five reasons to prioritize collaboration as a growth accelerator:

  1. Facilitates and simplifies innovation
  2. Allows you to adapt to new ways of working
  3. Breaks internal silos between departments and business units
  4. Eliminates the waste caused by the non-exploitation of internal resources, knowledge, ideas and experience
  5. Collaboration is a learned skill facilitating organizational agility

Who should attend? Business leaders and managers who are looking to leverage the current context to integrate new ways of working.

This training on how to create an agile work environment through collaboration will allow you to:

  • Understand the critical components of organizational collaboration
  • Understand the relationship between collaboration and innovation
  • Understand how to break silos between departments or business units
  • Recognized and value collaboration between teams
  • Learn best practices related to collaboration
  • Create a plan of action allowing you to apply the skills you learned during the  workshop

Training package includes :

  • 1 day pf of practical, concrete, and virtual training
  • 1 h of individual coaching
  • 10 person groups
  • $395, plus taxes per person
  • In Québec, this course is subsidized at 100% through the PACME-COVID-19 program. You can also consult our handy PACME-COVID-19 guide (French only)
  • This course is currently available only in French. However, we have completely bilingual coaches. If you would like to take this course in English, please fill out the contact form

Why choose a Maïeutyk training program?

  • Recognized as a certified training organization by the Québec government. Our certification number is 0057181
  • Our training is innovative and made up of practical exercises
  • Each training program ends with the creation of an action plan, ensuring that the shared concepts  can be immediately applied to the organization’s realities
  • Small groups of a maximum of 10 individuals for a day of training tailored to your realities
  • 1h de private coaching to adapter your action plan to your reality
  • Experiences, senior professionals lead each training course
  • A friendly, informal, and productive online class environment
  • Networking opportunities with other class participants
  • Each participant receives a certificate of success, highlighting the newly acquired skills.

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