This is where each member reveals their expertise but also their frosty side.

Gabrielle Walravens

Marketing Coordinator

My Education

  • Bilingual Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from HEC Montréal, specializing in Marketing and Operations & Logistics Management.
  • Master’s degree in operations and logistics management from HEC Montréal (in progress).

My Expertise

I have developed versatile expertise and experience in sales, supply chain operations management, marketing strategy, and customer relations. I completed two marketing internships with Elke, demonstrating my commitment to helping companies realize their full potential!

What Motivates Me In My Profession

What drives me is continuous improvement and lifelong learning, which enable me to contribute to company growth and constantly improve customer satisfaction.

My Passion

Curious and always eager for new challenges, I love to learn, whether through my career or hobbies like cooking!

On My Bookshelf, You Can Find…

My bookshelf is overflowing with collections of poems, notably by Rupi Kaur and novels by Valérie Chevalier. A true sensitive soul!

On My Playlist, You Can Find…

My playlist is an eclectic mix of indie pop, alternative R&B, and classical pieces, perfect for studying.

“When I was a child, I aspired to host cooking shows.”