Creating a successful elevator pitch

September 26, 2018 | Elke Steinwender
1 min
Réussir sa présentation éclair


You may sometimes have to present your organization as concisely and as briefly as possible. This is what we call an “elevator pitch”

This situation can happen when you met an acquaintance at a nearby café or when you are participating in networking events.

Here are some tips on how to create a successful elevator pitch:

Be clear

Make sure that you speak in a clear and consistent way. This is not the time for jargon. Everyone, this includes your grandmother, should understand you.

Next, clearly state the problem that your typical client has and how your company, product or service solves this problem.

Be interesting

You don’t have to talk about complicated theories or boring figures. Rather, showcase your professionalism and skills through stories. Give a concrete example of how you helped a client overcome a challenge.

Keep it under 60 seconds

Get to the point. It comes to quickly setting out your skills rather than doing an extended presentation of all of your products/services.


In order to craft a great elevator pitch, you will have to work on it. Practice at home or at the office and time yourself.

If necessary, do your elevator speech in front of your inner circle (colleagues, family and friends…) and ask them what they think about it and adjust accordingly.

Pay attention to the other person

Observe people’s reactions when you’re presenting. Do they seem to be interested, fed-up, or are amused? Take note of these reactions and adjust your “pitch” accordingly next time. It’s ok not to be perfect the first time.

Be enthusiastic

Do you love what you do and take to heart your activity?

Then, let your enthusiasm shine through your tone of voice!



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