Change is manageable !

January 28, 2019 | Nathalie Dion
1 min

Change is manageable !

In an ever-changing world, the agility of a business is more than an objective, it’s a necessity!

The record speed of the market ensures that we are in constant adjustment mode; so, in constant change management. Whether this evolution is desired or has already taken place, the fact remains that the impact will be felt throughout your whole organization: employees, managers, clients, partners, suppliers, etc.

And, since humans are creatures of habit – who don’t like change and prefer the status quo –forgetting this will automatically lead to resistance on their part.

In order to increase your chances of success in the evolution of your business, involving your employees and managers is crucial. The sooner the better.

Taking the time to plan properly includes:

  • Consulting with employees and managers
  • Getting the stakeholders to understand the need for change
  • Involving the stakeholders in the search for solutions
  • Naming an individual person (or committee) responsible for the change

Establishing a communication plan:

  • Establishing a timetable for completion
  • Listening to, and identifying, concerns, worries, perceptions and expectations
  • Identifying the level of support of stakeholders

Preparing for the change:  

  • Providing support to the agents of change
  • Training activities
  • Accompaniment activities
  • Coaching


  • Recognizing the progress and the individual contributions every step of the way

Don’t forget that concerns which are not addressed can lead to and propagate resistant behaviours and that resistance can make your efforts at transformation futile.

Implementing a culture of change management in your business is a win-win situation.

As Ephesus Heraclitus says so well: “There is nothing permanent except change!”  



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