In business, where do dreams lead you?

December 1, 2021 | Elke Steinwender
1 min

A business often starts with a dream.

In my case, it was the dream to create, to build, to offer the type of support I would have liked to receive throughout my career.

I would not have survived as an entrepreneur if I was not driven by a dream. After more than 10 years in business, I am even more motivated than I was when I first started! I have the privilege of being surrounded by entrepreneurs who embody inspirational leadership which helps them turn dreams into reality. The secret to these leaders success? Knowing how to attract and retain dedicated teams who help them build the dream.

Our role in all this?

We are facilitators. We accompany organizations, give them an external view, a privileged moment with their team where they can, together, step back, decode, innovate and reinvent.  Reinvent the relationship they have with their customers, their market, their partners, and their teams.

Rêve sans plan est un souhait


 “A dream without a plan is only a wish.”



Dreams are nice, but I’m a girl of action! This is why we developed a rigorous journey that leads to the achievement of a certification of a company being a “Customer-Centric Organization”. This certification is available exclusively through Maïeutyk and allows any company to create a sustainable competitive advantage. In our latest blog post, you can read the inspiring story of Pedlex who achieved the certification of “Customer-Centric Organization “.

Whether your dream is to improve your marketing strategy, your customer or employee experience, your positioning or your strategic plan, Maïeutyk can help you along your journey.

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