5 practices to communicate the employer brand

June 9, 2023 | Michèle Boutin
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practices communicate employer brand

Discover 5 best practices to communicate your employer brand. To make your employer brand attractive and distinct, it’s necessary to develop a few important points while keeping people at the center of your thinking. Strategic points that can help communicate your employer brand are:

  • Your values;
  • The employee experience;
  • The alignment of your recruitment efforts;
  • A LinkedIn strategy;
  • A quality website.

1- Highlight your values

Your values are the very foundation of your business. These values define the character of your company and your team and make them unique. By putting your values forward, you stand out from the competition in your industry.

Your values must feed all your strategies and be lived internally by your teams. Your values are not only words written on paper and communicated internally and externally, they must be felt and lived by your customers and employees.

2- Focus on the employee experience

Are your current employees happy? Do you feel that your teams are more motivated than ever? When was your last employee satisfaction survey?

Take the time to listen to the talents that make up your teams in order to understand them, retain them and implement personalized HR actions. Your current employees will feel heard and valued. Your actions will have a positive impact on their well-being at work, their fulfillment as well as on your employer brand and your image.

As explained before, the employee experience is crucial to your customer experience strategy because it is your teams that work together for the benefit of your customers. A happy internal team will help build loyalty and become your own brand ambassadors.

3- Aligning your recruitment efforts

Recruitment and hiring processes should be consistent with the company’s values and culture. This includes the job description, interview process, and candidate experience.

4- Be active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ultimate B2B social network. When your company page and your personal profile reflect your brand image and values, your company has a head start on your competitors. Relevant content about your company values and mission can differentiate you and create a human connection between you and a future candidate.

Today, LinkedIn is one of the most coveted platforms as a point of contact between you and the talent you are looking for. That’s why it’s essential to optimize its use to increase its visibility.

5- Offer a quality website

Your website is the digital window of your company. It is the place where people should find the most information about you: your values, your mission, the life of the company, your offer, your approach, your satisfied customers, the careers available, etc.

The first reflex these days when we hear about a new company or product/service is to look for it on the internet. It is the ultimate touch point that should reflect your customer experience strategy. A comprehensive website that reflects your company as a whole is the critical touch point for your employer brand.

In summary, the 5 best practices to develop a strong employer brand are to clearly identify your values, develop and implement an employee experience strategy, align your recruitment efforts, have a strong presence on LinkedIn and offer a quality website.

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