The employer brand is everyone’s responsibility.

The employer brand is often associated with attracting and recruiting talent, an essential part of an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives.

The employer brand, however, goes beyond the boundaries of the human resources department. Developing a solid employer brand includes many strategic decisions that directly impact your overall employee experience and, ultimately, your brand and customer experiences: how you communicate, your visibility, reputation, and much more.

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What Is The Employer Brand?

The employer brand includes all the facets of your brand image linked to your “employer” dimension. The employer brand targets both current employees and future recruits. In other words, the concept applies to both internal human resources management and external stakeholders: potential candidates, the broader talent pool, institutions, social partners, etc.

The messages shared by the employer brand must adapt themselves to your reality. The internal and external communication plans linked to the employer brand are built around your mission and values and work to communicate your corporate culture effectively. The more authentic your employer brand is, the easier it will be to retain and attract new talent. Ultimately, your capacity to live and project a strong and dynamic employer brand will also positively impact employee experience.

Why Build An Employer Brand

The omnipresence of digital technology along with the cultural and social changes brought on by the pandemic, are changing the workplace. Social media, remote work, emerging technologies, climate change, and the new generation’s vision of work should be considered when developing a sustainable, efficient, and attractive brand image.

Take proactive steps to initiate and build upon internal communication strategies with employees and externally with future candidates. These changes apply to more than recruiting new employees. They should also consider the existing employee experience: retention, well-being, benefits, work-life balance, etc. Share your employer brand with simplicity and honesty.

How Maïeutyk Supports You

Maïeutyk, through our co-creation workshops, will help you to define, formulate, and implement the employer brand.

By allowing your teams to participate in the development process actively, your employer brand becomes more authentic and genuine. A strong employer brand helps to build the relationship between the organization and its employees. Ultimately, the employer brand will become a driver to improve the customer experience.

The Deliverables

Each Maïeutyk journey is unique to your organization’s reality. This service often overlaps with other Maïeutyk services under the employee experience. In summary, this service typically includes:

  • The employee persona ;
  • The current and optimized employee journey ;
  • Internal and external communication strategy and plans ;
  • The Employee Brand Book.

A strong and vibrant employer brand allows you to attract the workforce required to achieve your objectives.

  • Your team will act as ambassadors;
  • Your team will not hesitate to mention you as a great workplace;
  • Investing in your employees optimizes the employee experience and directly impacts the brand and customer experiences.