Is it easy to buy from you?

February 28, 2024 | Elke Steinwender
3 min
Maieutyk - simple d'acheter chez vous - simple to buy from you

This question might seem surprising, but it’s essential to recognize that the consumer landscape has changed radically.

With the advent of the digital revolution, consumer behaviour, and consequently marketing, have been completely transformed, making this question necessary for several reasons:

Abundance of choices

Firstly, in today’s world, consumers have access to a wide array of choices. Thanks to online commerce and globalization, businesses are faced with the need to stand out not only through their products but also by offering added value. Indeed, consumers now seek comprehensive solutions that specifically meet their needs and turn to brands whose values and identity align with their expectations. The relationship with the company and the brand experience thus become crucial determinants. Consequently, the competition and the plethora of options available raise their expectations.

Information is readily available

Secondly, the Internet has provided consumers with a vast amount of information, allowing them to meticulously research their purchasing options and choose the organization that best meets their needs, desires, and constraints.
Not to mention the reviews from other consumers! Have you ever made a new purchase without first checking other consumers’ personal reviews of the product? These testimonials provide valuable information that goes beyond a simple product description. They offer an insight into the actual user experience and contribute to raising their expectations.

Non-linear customer journeys

Finally, the buying journey is no longer necessarily linear. Customers may start their research online, visit physical stores, and then finalize their purchases on a mobile device. Thus, assistance at each stage of the journey has become essential to close the sale. But assistance doesn’t stop at the sale. As mentioned earlier, in a world of infinite options and increased competition, the goal is no longer just to sell a product. To retain customers and ensure the longevity of the business, it is also essential to develop a long-term relationship with the client.

This overload of information, choices, and non-linear buying journeys can make the decision-making process more complex and even overwhelming for the customer.

So, what can your business do today to make it easy to buy from you?

Indeed, these developments represent a major shift from traditional marketing, where the favoured approach was to push products towards customers. This method is now obsolete, and “pull” strategies, aimed at creating a demand that draws customers towards the product or service, prevail.

Curiously, despite these changes, many companies neglect to help their customers buy their products, perhaps because their sales process is no longer adapted to those of their customers.

They assume that customers are familiar with their brands and instinctively understand their offerings. However, these companies often find themselves perplexed by the absence of an influx of customers.

Why does this happen?

The answer is that to truly stand out in a competitive environment, it is crucial to understand and articulate your customers’ entire buying process. Interactions can span weeks or years, depending on the product or service and its lifecycle. It is important to see these interactions as an evolution of the customer’s mindset throughout the buying process, not just as specific contact points with the company. Do you know why your customers choose you or opt for your competitors? Does every member of your team understand their role in the customer journey and how to create a unique experience for them?

A thorough analysis of the buying journey can not only lead to savings on unnecessary marketing expenses but also increase your revenue, market share, and strengthen your ability to face competition.

Understanding how your customers make their purchases is a key factor in your success. It requires attentive listening and constantly adapting your marketing strategy to effectively meet their evolving needs and expectations.

In conclusion, by offering a personalized customer experience and adopting a proactive approach, you can retain your customers and attract new prospects. Your ability to guide your customers throughout their buying journey is not only a valuable service for them but also a powerful growth lever for your business!
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