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Brand Every Moment

As a business owner and marketer, one of your key concerns is making sure that your brand is visible, that you are top of mind, that when people think of your product or service, they think of you.

Of course, unless you have an unlimited marketing budget (which would be extremely wasteful, but that’s for another blog post), this kind of visibility does not happen overnight.

So what can you do allow people to associate your brand name to your product or service as quickly as possible?

Brand your entire experience.

You brand is a living thing – it lives in your advertising, your website, your staff.

If you have a store front, it starts at the front door and the first greeting – if you have sales reps, it’s their clothing and greeting. If you sell exclusively online, it’s your website, your social media channels, your brand’s voice and customer service.

Every brand has at least 100 touch points. Now I’m not just referring to your logo, name and “Thank you for choosing ____” while your customer is on hold, I’m referring also to your corporate values that you have in your business plan, HR manual and website; do they fit with what your customer is experiencing?

Take the time to walk in your client’s shoes and live your brand – from start to finish. From your advertising, to your phone system, storefront, sales experience, order taking process, to your invoicing, and customer service department.

Are there any inconsistencies between what you advertise and what your customer experiences? Does each experience enhance or detract from your brand? Is each experience adding value to your brand’s long-term reputation?

Answering these questions will not only reinforce your brand and your customer’s brand experience, it will also end up helping your topline revenues… it’s just good common sense (GCS).