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Where is Your Business Growth Coming From?

Armed with expertise, you skillfully navigated the stormy waters of start-up and expansion. Your company has not only survived but thrived. Today, however, you face a new challenge: stagnant growth. This unprecedented and perhaps even worrying plateau has you wondering: how can you renew the momentum? Competition is fierce, and you may try to get […] 2 min

3 Ways to Measure Marketing ROI as an SMB

Have you ever measured your marketing ROI as an SMB? As marketing consultants, SMB owners often ask us, ‘’What can marketing do for my business?’’ or ‘’How can I know if my marketing efforts are paying off? These are valid questions and are worth exploring. As a small or medium-sized business owner, calculating your marketing […] 3 min

Bring out the champagne and the confettis!

The new Maïeutyk website is online! Before getting down to business, let me introduce you to the people who made it all possible: Maciek, Daniel, and the Creative Dot team. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Creative Dot. On one hand, Maciek created the most amazing, meaningful and representative design of our vision. […] 2 min

Wise women (midwives) and their link to maïeutics and business

In French, we aptly call midwives wise women. My grandmother, on my mother’s side, was a midwife. In rural Quebec, far from any hospital, she assisted neighbours, friends, and relatives in giving birth to a whole new generation. In the weeks leading up to International Women’s Rights Day, I asked myself several questions. What would […] 2 min

In business, where do dreams lead you?

A business often starts with a dream. In my case, it was the dream to create, to build, to offer the type of support I would have liked to receive throughout my career. I would not have survived as an entrepreneur if I was not driven by a dream. After more than 10 years in […] 1 min

Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Art

Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Art Running a business means that there are more to-dos than hours in a day. Since I began my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve taken the time over the Holidays to reflect on the past year. These precious, quiet hours allow me to reflect on the lessons that last 12 months had […] 2 min

Change is manageable !

Change is manageable ! In an ever-changing world, the agility of a business is more than an objective, it’s a necessity! The record speed of the market ensures that we are in constant adjustment mode; so, in constant change management. Whether this evolution is desired or has already taken place, the fact remains that the […] 1 min

Creating a successful elevator pitch

  You may sometimes have to present your organization as concisely and as briefly as possible. This is what we call an “elevator pitch” This situation can happen when you met an acquaintance at a nearby café or when you are participating in networking events. Here are some tips on how to create a successful elevator […] 1 min