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Beer or sangria? How well do you know your clients?

  With the start of the summer season, I asked myself the following question: are my clients more likely to drink beer or sangria? Do I know my clients well enough to be able to answer this question? Why is this question even important? After all, we aren’t going to have a drink; we are […] 2 min

Brand ambassadors – who and where are they?

What exactly is a brand ambassador? Paid or unpaid, they are a combination of three things: Cheerleaders Sales rep Customer service Their efforts work towards sharing a positive brand image, creating buzz, and goodwill. Unpaid brand ambassador are also called “brand advocates”. They promote your organization because they want to share a positive brand experience […] 1 min

Brand personality – What is it and what’s yours?

If you agree with the premise that values drive behaviours, then your brand’s personality is an outward expression of your corporate values. While people justify their purchases rationally, they purchase emotionally.  They buy from people they feel understand them and can relate to them. Understanding and relating build trust and trust leads to sales. Here’s […] 1 min

Defining the goals of your marketing strategy: some key tips

Defining a marketing strategy is essential for all companies. A strong marketing strategy influences both success and market positioning. When developing your strategy, remember to integrate the needs of both current and future clients. Once you set up your strategy, take the time to punctually assess its efficiency and make some adjustments as needed to […] 1 min